Vigna Vecchia

Vintage: 2018

Produced from a single vineyard, always called Vigna Vecchia, it is a limited production that stands out due to its mineral and unique notes, and depth of flavor that represent the strength of this small vineyard.

Altitude: 500m asl

Terrain: Hilly

Soil: Galestro and Alberese

Vineyard Age: Vineyard planted in 1981

Training System: Spurred cordon

Grape: Sangiovese 100%

Vinification: Stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts

Aging: 26 months in small barrels (10hL)

Bottle Aging: 8 months minimum

90,00 185,00 

Super Tuscans

Cult Wines from Old Vines

Bruno di Rocca and Anfiteatro are bold, pure Super Tuscans from vineyards almost 50 years old. Bottled in very small quantities, to drink these wines is to uncover the very soul of these ancient lands.

Bruno di Rocca is a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, elevated by a percentage of Sangiovese. A powerful companion with layers of nuance to unwrap.