Viticulture: Our Ethos

Sustainability, Biodiversity and Minimum Environmental Impact

Our commitment

Adopting sustainable practices means protecting the planet earth for future generations. We are convinced that every choice must be made with respect for our environment and the health of the vineyards.

Together with the scientists and botanists of Vite Nova Vine Wellness, we have embarked on an ambitious multi-year scientific project on our vineyards and our sustainable agriculture methods. Through the periodic collection of microfauna samples, and through the identification and cataloging of the flora present there, we are able to constantly monitor the health of our vineyards and how our activities affect the present ecosystem. We want to make sure we can give back to this place more than we will be able to take from it.

In 2022, we obtained the Diversity Ark certification (registered with EUIPO and certified at European level by the CSQA body). The basis of the certification is respect for soil biodiversity and the environment, through a holistic approach to agriculture which is implemented with the protection of the elements that interface with the agricultural process: from the state of well-being of the soil, to the certification of the faunal biodiversity of the plot and the richness of plants. A scientific approach which is implemented with analyzes and monitoring of biodiversity, soil sampling, analysis of arthropod insects and analysis of floristic biodiversity. Certified companies must comply with regulations that do not allow the use of herbicides and health-risk pesticides.

Our Goals

Improve biodiversity year after year

Maintain a sustainable and low environmental impact ecosystem in the vineyard

Continuously review and improve all of our processes

Maintain sustainable and ethical business goals

Develop a diverse and inclusive company

Why sustainability

A Commitment to the territory

The vineyard is one element within a cycle – plant, animal and microbial life, supported by the quality of the soil and water, contribute to the overall health of the environment and the development and quality of our grapes.

What do we do

We minimize the impact on the environment by doing only what is necessary:

  • We use a holistic approach in order to constantly optimize our business, work in the vineyard, management, marketing and sales.
  • We regularly evaluate and improve every step of the manufacturing process, from pruning to delivery.
  • In the vineyard, we take into consideration all aspects concerning the protection of the environment – we use organic and natural fertilizers and, most importantly, only when it is really necessary; we do not use insecticides.

Organic vs. Sustainable

Organic viticulture is a certification that, for the most part, limits ​​the products used during grapegrowing. For us, sustainability represents something greater – it links the most important aspects for the environment to the social and economic ones. For Montefili, the organic certification does not fully represent the impact that a company has on the environment and for this reason, we have chosen not to pursue it at this time.

Why Biodiversity

Our greatest tool for tackling climate change

Biodiversity represents the richness of life on earth – the multitude of plants, animals and microorganisms, the genetic variability they possess, and the complex ecosystems that make up the biosphere. The future of our planet and of the human species depends on biodiversity. It is fundamental for human existence and for a fertile planet. Biodiversity is the foundation of the food we eat and the air we breathe, and we depend on it to protect us from serious consequences such as pollution, floods and climate change.

What we do in the vineyard

Supporting the biodiversity of plants and animals allows us to:

  • Keep pests under control without using insecticides
  • Promote the welfare of beneficial insects
  • Improve the resilience of our vineyards, which means improving their resistance to adverse events
  • Promote the balance of the ecosystem, ensuring its self-regulation

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