Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Vintage: 2018


Appearance: Clear, deep, ruby.

Nose: The nose is clean and of pronounced intensity. Rich and enveloping aromas of ripe cherries and juicy red plums with a note of wild strawberry. Ethereal aromas of fresh rose petals contrast with deep notes reminiscent of tobacco and tar.

Palate: This wine is dry with pronounced tannins that are beginning to soften. Its high alcohol and generous body are balanced by medium plus acidity. A fruit-forward palate harmonizes beautifully with an array of complex aromas ranging from cinnamon and nutmeg to cracked black pepper and a resinous note. Beguiling and rich with a long finish and excellent potential for lengthy cellaring.

Altitude: 500m asl

Terrain: Hillside

Soil: Alberese

Vineyard Age: 3 hecatres planted in the late 1980s

Training System: Cordon and guyot

Grape: 100% Sangiovese

Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel

Aging: 22 months in 20hL botti (large casks)

Bottle Aging: 8 months

43,00 92,00 

Chianti Classicos

A Thesis on Sangiovese

Our two Chianti Classico wines, both 100% Sangiovese, demonstrate the boundless idiosyncrasies of every corner of our vineyards. Each plot of land finds its true expression through the grapes harvested there, and we work delicately in the cantina to preserve a true sense of place.

We produce a Chianti Classico and a Gran Selezione that, despite being siblings, have unique, inimitable qualities that tender them unique.