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Our Philosophy

Our Piece of Heaven


Montefili sits on a small hilltop just above 1,500 feet, and is the highest point throughout the vicinity. Our position is particularly unique, with three aquifers converging under our feet – one from Panzano, one from Montefioralle, and one from Sicelle. This happy geological circumstance allows us to have three distinct soils, making each vineyard unique, thanks to the exposure and age of the vines. 
The composition of our terrain is mixed and well-draining. We have an abundance of galestro, a medium-large grain metamorphic shale that naturally divides into prismatic solids. Our soil is also rich in alberese, a marly limestone with a high content of calcium carbonate. 

“Montefili wines are the wines we want to pour at dinner, to gift to our loved ones, and to explain to a stranger a little of what’s in our hearts.”

–Serena Gusmeri, Winemaker

In the Vineyards

A Commitment to the Land

Montefili sits on 31 remarkable acres that are brimming with possibilities. While Sangiovese has always been our focus, we also grow a small quantity of Cabernet Sauvignon. We have been part of Panzano’s organic district since it was established, and we go even further with our dedication to sustainability.
Minimal intervention is our philosophy. We believe that every choice must be made in respect of our environment and for the health of the vineyards. Together with the scientists and botanists at Vite Nova Wine Wellness, we have embarked on an ambitious scientific study of these vineyards that will continue for many years to come. Through collecting samples of micro-fauna and identifying and cataloguing the extensive flora here, we regularly get a reading on the health of the vines and the effect of our activity on the ecosystem. We want to ensure that we give more back to this place than we could ever take from it.
We believe in creating a biologically diverse environment, and an important part of this is the use of wildflowers in the inter-row spaces. We tend to the native flowers that are already here by sowing green seeds between the rows, giving specific nourishment with the mix of seeds that we choose according to the needs of the soil of each individual vine. Thanks to this decision, we bring colour to the vineyards, encourage insects, and deliver numerous benefits to the plants and the soil.

In the Cellar

A Commitment to the Land

We believe that each parcel of land is a world in its own, so our wines are a pure expression of vine, site, and ethos. Our winemaking does not follow a recipe, and we allow each vintage to be a voyage of discovery dictated by its conditions. We want to communicate Sangiovese and all its glorious nuances, so we work to preserve the acidity given by our altitude and choose to use medium-to-large neutral wood for aging.

We are shepherds of nature, but we don’t underestimate the important role of the winemaker – a listener and interpreter of nature, who must make every decision with the environment in mind.

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