Montefili Gift Card

Purchase voucher available in different amounts, expendable online or in our wine shop.

When buying the gift card, you will be sent the promotional code to be used: you can specify to which e-mail the code should be sent, specifying it in the “notes on the order” field.

The voucher can be used in a single payment for orders of an amount equal to or higher than the coupon value.

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Our Wines

What We Do Best

Montefili wines are a pure expression of vine, site, and ethos. There is no recipe, and that’s what’s important – as shepherds of nature, we listen to our land and bear witness to what it wishes to express.

Sangiovese is in our blood. Our hilltop vineyards at 1,500 feet are the heart of Chianti Classico: a terroir and micro-climate with plentiful sunlight and refined galestro and alberese marl soils. Our future-facing sustainable approach is a bold path of confidence and patience. We only put on the vines what we’d want in our glass.

Montefili wines are the wines we want to pour at dinner, to gift to our loved ones, and to explain to a stranger a little of what’s in our hearts.