An update from the Vineyard

It is an beautiful day of sun and wind, and full of energy as our harvest goes into full swing!


Samples of every plot of our vineyard (pictured are those from the Vigna Vecchia Sangiovese that goes into our Gran Selezione) are being prepared to be sent for analysis at the Fondazione Edmund Mach di San Michele all’Adige, in collaboration with ViteNova.


We will be assessing the technological maturity, which makes sure the sugars and acidity are perfectly balanced, and polyphenolic maturity, which ensures the tannins and flavours on the grapes skins have mellowed.


This information plus our soil and leaf analysis helps us to form the big picture of the health of each of our vineyards. It is a dedicated and detailed process, but one that will help us to best prepare Vecchie Terre di Montefili for the years to come – so that we can continue making wines we love, and you can continue to visit and enjoy this little piece of heaven.


And now… on with the harvest!


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